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Welcome to our portal. Design your own route; discover nine historically important medieval towns and their outstanding monuments and enjoy some exquisite medieval gastronomic delights.

Check out the calendar of activities. Don’t miss out on any of the medieval tapas competitions and the other festivals and events we organise.


  • Laguardia

    A well-preserved treasure

    Laguardia is a medieval town in La Rioja. It was founded in the tenth century as “La Guarda de Navarra”. Its medieval walls and streets contain a wealth of churches, mansions and wine cellars.

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  • Ciudad Rodrigo

    The light of the Middle Ages

    Listed as a historical site since 1944, this jewel of the west has innumerable attractions to captivate visitors.

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  • Consuegra

    Consuegra is in fashion

    Come to Consuegra and discover the magnificent castle, windmills and the other sights in the town centre.

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  • Hondarribia

    Three souls: the walled town, the fishing quarter and the natural surroundings

    An invitation to forget time, stroll through the old quarter, and enjoy the bars and cafés and the hidden corners that tell the story of the town’s past.

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  • Marvão

    Unique scenery, fashioned by man and nature

    Located in the Serra de São Mamede nature park, the county of Marvão is bordered to the north by the Sever River, the natural frontier between Spain and Portugal.

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  • Jerez de los Caballeros

    Discover the Templar town of Xerez

    Take a stroll through the streets of Jerez de los Caballeros and be transported back to the splendour of its medieval past, when the town was ruled by the Knights Templar.

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  • Almazán

    Almazán opens its gates to you.

    Almazán's location overlooking the River Duero has given it a key role in many historical and cultural episodes and helped shape its identity.

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  • Estella-Lizarra

    An authentic trip back to the Middle Ages

    The town of Estella (or Lizarra) in Navarra grew up in the eleventh century to cater to pilgrim traffic on the Camino de Santiago. To this day, it remains a crossroads of cultures and an heir to a great historical and artistic heritage.

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  • Sigüenza

    For so many reasons, you’ll find me in Sigüenza

    Sigüenza is a medieval town surrounded by beautiful architecture and landscape in the Sierra Norte of Guadalajara. It is now one of Castilla La Mancha’s leading tourist destinations.

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  • Gastronomía medieval

    Medieval Cuisine

    A gastronomic journey to the Middle Ages:

    Thirteenth International Medieval Tapas Competition.

    Medieval tapas trail.

    Recipes for medieval tapas.

  • Red-Corriendo el Medievo

    Running the Middle Ages Network

    If you enjoy running and you've got a passion for medieval culture, we've got the ideal plan for you: Practise your favourite sport in unrivalled surroundings.

    Choose your race and win a fabulous weekend in one of the towns in the network.

Discover the events we organise

Take a look at the calendar of medieval tapas competitions to see where the next one will be held.

Another year-round activity are our medieval races. Find all the details in the calendar section.

Whey not come along to the grand finale of the Medieval Tapas Competition where the winners from each town will meet head-to-head!




    El subdelegado del Gobierno en Soria, Miguel Latorre, ha visitado en Almazán las obras de restauración de la Muralla de la Puerta del Mercado y regeneración de su entorno, que se han iniciado hace dos semanas y que el Ayuntamiento de la villa adnamantina adjudicó a la empresa Trycsa en 1.539.765

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    Este fin de semana, ven a Hondarribia y viaja a la Edad Media a través del paladar

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  • Txomin Sagarzazu, presidente de la Red Medieval

    The Network of Medieval Cities and Towns celebrates its first 15 years in 2021

    Este proyecto de colaboración turística surgió con el objetivo de promocionar y difundir el legado histórico de las localidades de pequeño y mediano tamaño que lo conforman, y tres lustros después, sigue siendo un proyecto vivo y en constante evolución.

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  • It is La Mancha and it is Consuegra

    Es la Mancha y es Consuegra, es un lugar donde yo cuando necesito desconectar de mi rutina diaria no me lo pienso dos veces, bien en un día soleado o primaveral e incluso otoñal, con mi bici y con mi familia por sus caminos, por sus veredas y también incluso cuando llega el otoño con los contrast

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